Mainstreaming biodiversity
conservation into Russia's energy
sector policies and operations

Project Team

  Svetlana Sheynfeld, Project Manager Expert in the regulatory environment and state policy in the area of nature management
.: +7 495 787 2191 
E-mail: svetlana.sheynfeld

Igor Kostin, deputy National Project Director  Expert in ecology and rational nature management
.: +7 495 787 2162
E-mail: igor.kostin

  Antonina Khovanskaya, Project Associate, Expert in implementation of international projects
.: +7 495 787 2105
E-mail: antonina.hovanskaya
  Yuri Manakov, Regional Project Coordinator in the Kemerovo Oblast and Republic of Khakassia Expert in industrial botany and ecology
E-mail: yury.manakov

  Artur Alibekov, Head of Hydropower working group  Expert in comprehensive management and conservation of water resources
e-mail: arthur.alibekov

  Mariya Markarova, Oil-and-gas Project Consultant  Expert in biotechnology, microbiology, and ecology
E-mail: maria.markarova

Natalya Lopantseva, Regional Project Coordinator, Lower Volga and North Caspian  Expert in biodiversity and nature conservation
E-mail: natalya.lopantseva

  Natalya Zavarzina, Regional Project Coordinator, Sakhalin Oblast expert in freshwater and marine coastal ecosystems of Sakhalin 
E-mail: natalya.zavarzina
  Sergei Uvarov, Regional Project Coordinator in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Specialises in restoration of disturbed lands in the tundra zone and in creation of regional protected areas
E-mail: sergey.uvarov 

Igor Kovalchuk, Regional Project Coordinator, Amur Oblast Expert in ecology and rational nature management
E-mail: igor.kovalchuk

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