Mainstreaming biodiversity
conservation into Russia's energy
sector policies and operations

Business and biodiversity

The present materials are a combination of analytical reports and a compendium of summarised data from publicly available sources on the introduction of biodiversity in industry and corporate standards, and in non-financial reporting oil-extracting, coal-mining and hydropower companies. The main purpose of the present materials is to tell the Russian reader as much as possible about the rich and diverse topic that can be briefly described as “Business and Biodiversity.”

All the information is presented in two large blocks:
1. The economics and means to encourage businesses to participate in biodiversity conservation that are based on the present day understanding of ecosystem services with a view to make them a full-fledged component of the modern economic paradigm by internalizing the externalities and capitalising on nature values.
2. Policies and practical solutions designed to integrate biodiversity conservation into the strategies, corporate documents and practices of energy sector companies.

The materials contain conclusions and recommendations on the areas and opportunities for adapting the approaches, methods and practices under review to the operating conditions of Russian companies, in particular to approaches and outlook for the implementation of the Business and Biodiversity platform.

I. Business and Biodiversity: Economic Aspects
1. Ecosystem services and biodiversity
2. How to take into account ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation in course of an environmental impact assessment
3. Biodiversity conservation: financial and economic mechanisms for the state and business pdf
II. Business and Biodiversity: Political and Practical Aspects
4. International and national programmes and initiatives pdf
5. Industry and corporate standards
5.1. Oil and Gas Industry pdf
5.2. Mining Industry pdf
5.3. Interdisciplinary Initiative on Biodiversity pdf
5.4. Hydropower Sector pdf
5.5. Non-financial Corporate Reporting and Biodiversity pdf
III. Main Conclusions and Recommendations pdf

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